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UCI Cycling World Championships in Scotland:

An Epoch-Making Confluence of Cycling Elite

The inaugural 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, a confluence of 13 UCI World Championships, unfolded over 11 exciting days in Glasgow and various regions around Scotland. Bringing together the various cycling disciplines together in one place, essentially creating an “Olympics for cycling”, with the next scheduled in 2027, preceding the actual Olympic Games by a year. This historic event witnessed a gathering of elite cycling talent from across the globe, firmly cementing its significance in the annals of two-wheeled sports.

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Tour de la bière

The cheapest pint at every stage of the Tour de France

Our map shows you where to find the cheapest beer at each stage of the Tour de France. Unsurprisingly, the most expensive beer is in the state capital. At one stage location, you even go empty-handed. Find out where.

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owayo - AI in sporting apparel

Recent advances in AI technology have enabled a wave of real-world applications. AI systems can now understand complex data sets, learn from experience, and respond to user requests in real-time.

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Has coronavirus changed patterns of cycling usage within UK residents?

One of the hottest topics in the past couple of years has of course been the coronavirus pandemic. Nowadays, more so than ever, discussions are often held as to what effect this unfortunate “Corona period” might have had upon people’s lives. This particular study, initiated by an international sporting company, focused on determining whether coronavirus and all of the restrictions which accompanied it, have in some way interfered with UK residents’ use of cycling, be it for leisure, transportation or other purposes.

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An Owayo survey shows that US residents’ relationship with cycling seems to be mainly recreational

A recent survey conducted by an international sporting store, seems to indicate that cycling in US is more commonly used for recreational purposes than any other in the daily lives of the US residents. The purpose of this study was to determine their relationship or more so their interest in cycling overall. It was also aimed to shed light on the possible lack of use of more environmental friendly and health benefiting means of transport such as cycling.

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Basketball Terminology 101

Basketball Terminology Demystified

From the alley-oop to zone defense, a successful dunk to the failed brick - in this article, you'll learn what all these basketball terms mean. Whether it's passes, throws, fouls, tactics or rules: basketball is growing in popularity and here to stay. Find out where basketball terminology come from and become a better baller off the court too.

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Fitness Motivation: Finding the Drive

10 tips to get you motivated

Have the motivation but the couch is too comfy? Well, you're not alone. Find out which motivator you are and what stands in your way. In this article, we'll give you 10 tips you can use to get your drive up.

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Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Back exercises for the home & office: Relaxing and strengthening exercises for the back

Man is not born to sit - yet we spend most of our time sitting. The back tells us a lot about our habits. Tension and weak muscles often lead to back pain. We will show you which back exercises you can use in the office and at home to strengthen your torso and release tension.

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How to beat sore muscles

Where it comes from and how to get rid of it

Start training effectively and stop torturing yourself over sore muscles! In this article, we'll uncover widespread myths about sore muscles and also give you tips on how to keep them in check. Or maybe you already have sore muscles? We'll tell you what really helps.

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