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UCI Cycling World Championships in Scotland:

An Epoch-Making Confluence of Cycling Elite

The inaugural 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, a confluence of 13 UCI World Championships, unfolded over 11 exciting days in Glasgow and various regions around Scotland. Bringing together the various cycling disciplines together in one place, essentially creating an “Olympics for cycling”, with the next scheduled in 2027, preceding the actual Olympic Games by a year. This historic event witnessed a gathering of elite cycling talent from across the globe, firmly cementing its significance in the annals of two-wheeled sports.

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Breathing Basics for Runners

Run faster with the optimal breathing technique

Breathing correctly while jogging is actually easy - yet many amateur and even professional athletes occasionally complain of abdominal pain or literally get out of step with their breathing. The reasons for this range from shallow everyday breathing to breathing incorrectly. Find out the most important things about breathing technique when jogging and how you can enjoy running without any worries.

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Basketball Statistics: Explanation and Meaning

What's behind Boxscore, PER and more.

Statistics are everywhere in basketball. They help to analyze games and players, put teams together and develop strategies. But what do the numbers and designations from the boxscore mean? What is the PER? And what is Advanced Stats all about? Find out why statistics are so valuable in basketball, what they mean and where their limits lie.

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What is a rebound in basketball?

The Basketball rebound: definition, technique and exercises

The missed shot is as much a part of basketball as the layup or even the legendary slam dunk. But what happens next? The rebound follows. In this article, we'll explain the difference between offensive and defensive rebounding, how to properly secure a rebound and how you can train rebounding both as a team and by yourself.

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Worlds Best Keepers at a glance

What makes Courtois, Neuer, Casillas & Co. so special

Who are the world's best keepers and what makes them so special? We get to the bottom of this question and take a closer look at the world's best keepers of years past.

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Most Common Ice Hockey Penalties

From the penalty box to the penalty shot

When is a penalty in ice hockey given? And what punishment does a cross check actually entail? Not only do we explain what hockey penalties there are and what the most common hockey fouls are, but we also tell you about penalty records!

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esports Tournaments - Do They Really Fill Stadiums?

The 5 most famous esports tournaments worldwide

Professional gaming is not yet an official sport, but the hype is still real. esports tournaments are on the rise and captivate thousands of spectators live or on screen. But what are the biggest esports tournaments? And where do they take place? We have taken a closer look at five of the world's biggest esports events. Immerse yourself with us in the world of electronic sports.

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The Xs and Os: Basketball Tactics and Strategy

How to properly plan your attack & defense

Fast break! Or do you prefer to rely on the defense? In basketball, the tactics of the game often decide between defeat and victory. Here you will learn everything about the basics of strategy, the typical tactics in basketball and which exercises you can use to practice the different moves.

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esports Training: Fitness and Nutrition

Give your professional gaming career a boost

Overweight, unfit and unkempt - the clichés about gamers persist. But are they true? We at owayo take a closer look at this stereotype and find out just how important nutrition and fitness really are in esports training.

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