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Slow Jogging

Everything you need to know about the new slow running trend from Japan

Jogging in slow motion? It may seem a little unusual at first, but slow jogging promises a high training effect coupled with numerous health benefits. Perhaps this new running style is something for you too? Find out and enter the world of slow running with our tips and tricks.

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Sprint Training: How to Kick it into High Gear

Tips & exercises for effective speed training

Yes, you can train sprinting. We explain how you can improve your speed with the right technique and targeted exercises. We also tell you what sprint training is and what benefits it has for your body and your athletic performance.

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Breathing Basics for Runners

Run faster with the optimal breathing technique

Breathing correctly while jogging is actually easy - yet many amateur and even professional athletes occasionally complain of abdominal pain or literally get out of step with their breathing. The reasons for this range from shallow everyday breathing to breathing incorrectly. Find out the most important things about breathing technique when jogging and how you can enjoy running without any worries.

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Finding the Right Running Shoes

Find the right shoes in just a few steps

Are you a running beginner or have you already run 1000 miles in your shoes? Then it's time for a new pair of running shoes. But how do you find running shoes that suit you and your running training? In the following article, we'll explain what you need to consider when choosing the right running shoes, how to find the right size and how your body shape and phyisical condition influences your decision.

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What to wear - the right running clothes

The right gear for cold, warm or wet days

Not exactly sure what you'll need for your next jog? The right running gear should not only be comfortable but should also enable you to perform your best. In this article, we'll explain what to keep in mind and give you tips on how to find the right running clothing for all four seasons.

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Jogging with Children: How to Make It Fun and Rewarding

What parents should consider when jogging with their children

Exercise is healthy - this is just as true for children as it is for adults. If you're a mom or dad slipping into your running shoes, ever thought about taking your kiddo with you? But is running healthy for children? At what age are children "allowed" to jog? And what mistakes should parents avoid at all costs? You can read the answers to these questions here.

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The Right Nutrition for Runners

Nutritional tips for joggers from coach and running expert Andreas Butz

Protein shakes, energy gel, vitamins, oh my! In an interview, triathlete and running expert Andreas Butz explains what nutrition runners really need. Read up on what constitutes a healthy diet when jogging and which nutritional mistakes you should avoid.

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Interval Training: How to improve your running speed as a beginner

Running in intervals for a quicker time

Interval training is used by runners to improve their speed. The training is individually structured according to personal performance and is therefore suitable for recreational runners as well as professionals. We will explain you how to run intervals correctly and how to build up your training to increase your speed and endurance.

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Running for Beginners

Running for beginners with helpful exercises

As a beginner, it is important to start training with a goal so that you stay motivated and notice progress. We will show you how to find the right speed, how to rack up miles and how to protect yourself from injury.

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