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Team Feldbinder KTM is a professional racing team. Seven of their nine members are in the U23 category of the Austrian Radbundesliga. The racing team is meant as a means to providing the young athletes with a framework to realize and develop their full potential in professional cycling. Andreas Baumgartner and Simon Klausecker told us back in May of 2016 about their love for the sport. "Cycling has always been our passion. We've raced on our own previously and experienced personally the hardships this sport can bring. The ups and downs of cycling have strengthened our character however, and we wouldn't trade that for anything. We're cyclists, and we've always kept on pushing to continue, continue to create something very special." Shortly after this comment in the Fall of 2016, these two formed team FELDBINDER OWAYO KTM. The following interview was conducted with the team captain Matthias Weneroither:




Radbundesliga Austria U23

How did you get involved in professional cycling and how did the team FELDBINDER OWAYO KTM get started?

10 years ago I switched over from alpine skiing to cycle racing. After two good years in an adult national team I made it into the Continental team Gourmetfein Wels, where I had a lot of great experiences as a U23 rider. Due to career choices, I changed to the amateur category and celebrated many great achievements. In 2016 I swapped over to the OÖ Continental team, Hrinkow Advarics Cycleangteam. I fulfilled many of my dreams at that point. By the end of this season I was able to convince Andreas Baumgartner that we should found our own U23 team. That was the start of our team, FELDBINDER OWAYO KTM.

What are your goals in life, and in sport?

It's my goal to lead our U23 riders to their peak potential and show them off at the domestic classics. As a personal life goal, I want to help my parents on our organic farm and spend a lot more time with my girlfriend Karin. She's supported my through everything.

What do you like to do when you're not sitting on a road bike?

I love to be outdoors in nature, as well as spending time with my friends.

How often do you train, and what does it look like when you do?

Due to how much I work, the training is a bit short. Since I've had so many years of experience in professional cycling, I know my body pretty well and can build up a good racing form quickly. Basically, I like to train in short but very intensive periods.

Which area is your favorite for cycling?

I love to ride in the northern areas of Austria, it offers everything a cyclist could ask for. Mountains, still silence, and empty roads in a wonderful environment.

How do you guys get motivated for a race?

Just like in any team, it's important to keep everyone motivated and to speak to everyone on the team. This is something that Andreas, our team manager, and myself all do together. It's important to use the atmosphere and excitement of big races as a source of motivation to achieve one's greatest.

What does owayo mean to you?

owayo is the perfect partner for us. We were impressed right from the start by their quality and customer service. We have a lot of experience in equipment suppliers, but the reliability and punctuality of owayo is out of reach for many competitors.

What do you like about your jerseys?

We're impressed with the design that we made together with Benjamin, our personal assistant at owayo. We're also very impressed by how the jersey fits. The quality is great, and not just by the jerseys.