Cycling Shorts CP6w Comp Ladies

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All Logos and Text
are included in the price.

Similar to the CP5w Pro line - the CP6w Comp takes advantage of our Comp-Tex material, offering a compact and compression feeling.

Product Details

  • A Refined Women's Specific Cut
  • Material: Comp-Tex
  • Race Pad | Endurance Pad
  • Extremely Durable Zig-Zag Stitches
  • Silicone Gripper Around the Leg
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All logos and texts are included in the price

Delivery time: Normal ( 5 weeks)

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CP6w Comp Women's Cycling Shorts

The CP6w Comp Women’s Cycling Shorts are perfect female riders looking for a compression feel and a slightly thicker and sturdy fabric. The cut of the shorts was specifically designed with the help of female cyclist to ensure the most comfortable and anatomic fit. The elastic waist was specifically made a bit wider to allow for form shaping and to prevent the waistband from cutting in. Female cyclist can choose between two women’s specific chamois – Choose the Race-Pad for a true feeling to the bike or the Endurance-Pad for more comfort.

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  • radhosencompdamen
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1 productHighlight_cp5w

Wide Waistband
Wide elastic waistband for added comfort

2 productHighlight_cp5w

Pad 1:
Race-Pad xlastic (Women's)

Anatomically shaped women's specifc Pro Pad, made of multi density Foam and with an extremely smooth surface

3 productHighlight_cp5w

Pad 2:
Endurance-Pad xlastic (Women's)

Anatomically shaped women's specifc Pro Pad, made of thick multi density Foam and an extremely smooth surface for long distances.

4 productHighlight_cp5w

Tight Fit
Specifically designed fit for women to ensure maximum comfort

5 productHighlight_cp6

Comp-Tex ultra.dry xlastic
Durable mid weight material, provides a compression feel

6 productHighlight_cp5

Side Panel Option 1:

Customisable U-Shaped Panel covering both the sides and the rear.

7 productHighlight_cp5

Side Panel option 2:

Cut features customisable side panels

8 productHighlight_cp2

Resilient Seated Area
The seat ares features robust materials for added durability.

9 productHighlight_cp2

Minimum Seams
Seamless inner leg construction for maximum comfort

10 productHighlight_c5w

OFIT Sizing System
10 different women's sizes, giving each athlete the opportunity to find the perfect fit

11 productHighlight_cp2

Silicone Gripper
Hem with integrated silicone gripper for a perfect fit

Cycling Shorts CP6w Comp Ladies Front View Front View
Cycling Shorts CP6w Comp Ladies Back View Back View
ultra.dry Technology

ultra.dry Technology
Persperation and moisture is wicked away from the body and evaporates away from the body keeping you cool and dry allowing you to maximise your performance.

OFIT Size System

OFIT Size System
We have introduced the OFIT sizing system to ensure each athlete can find the best possible fit. Smaller size steps make room for half sizes giving men 11 sizes to choose from and women 10 size options.


We offer more than 5 design templates so you'll be sure to find just what you are looking for. Make any design your own by changing the colours and adding texts and logos - all included in the price! Looking to create a completely unique and one-of-a-kind design? We're happy to help. Take advantage of our design service.More...

Unique Designs

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Designs Cycling Shorts CP6w Comp Ladies

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Custom templates

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Colours and Combinations

You will have to choose your colour layout for your design – we know this not easy when looking at the 45 preset colour options provided and considering the nearly 100,000 possible colour combinations. If you already have a very exact understanding of the colour you would like to use (because you have corporate identity colours, or work in the printing business), please feel free to communicate your RAL or PMS values to your owayo account manager - we will then add this to your 3D profile so you can give your design the last touch.More...

Main Colours

  • Lemon C002
  • Orange C101
  • Fire C103
  • Caribbean C202
  • Navy C205
  • Grass C302
  • Dark Turquoise C503
  • Steel Blue C206
  • Night Blue C207
  • Black C804
  • Special Colours Pantone, HKS, RAL

owayo Colours

Available colours for 'padding-area' and polyamide areas

Colour and Fabric Samples

Please be aware that the colour saturation and appearance on your monitor/screen is not always true to what the colour looks like when printed. The perception of colour is dependent on the device settings and thus may appear different to the final results, which is why we offer and also recommend to send your colour and fabric samples for FREE. This ensures that there are only pleasant surprises when the final products arrive.

[Sonderdesign Radsport]

Corporate Identity Colours

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Special Colours Pantone, HKS, RAL

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  • F012
  • F056

Prices and Lead Times

The price for your designed products is dependent on how many units you are ordering. Prices for reorders are reduced, and are listed separately.

Cycling Shorts CP6w Comp Ladies

includes all Colours, Text and Logos, without straps, Comp-Tex, Race Pad

Quantity Regular Production Time
Unit Price
Express Production Times
Unit Price
1 piece £95.40
Upon Request
2 pieces £90.00
Upon Request
3 pieces £83.70 Upon Request
5 pieces £74.70 Upon Request
10 pieces £65.70 Upon Request
20 pieces £60.30 Upon Request
35 pieces £56.70 Upon Request
50 pieces £52.20 Upon Request
100 pieces £47.70 Upon Request


Default Features: without straps, Comp-Tex, Race Pad. For this product, you can pick between various options. The following surcharges and discounts apply per piece.

Endurance Pad £4.50


Quantity Base prices for reorders
Unit Price
1 piece £88.20
2 pieces £79.20
3 pieces £74.70
5 pieces £71.10
10 pieces £65.70
20 pieces £60.30
35 pieces £56.70
50 pieces £52.20
100 pieces £47.70

United Kingdom Shipping

Shipping Options Freight Times
Business days
per box
Economy up to 2 Kg 2 - 3 € 10,00
Economy 2 - 3 € 15,00
Priority 1 depending on weight

United States Shipping

Shipping Options Freight Times
Business days
per box
Economy 3 - 5 $10.00
Priority 1 - 2 depending on weight

European Union Shipping

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Business days
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Economy up to 2 Kg 1 - 4 € 10,00
Economy 1 - 4 € 15,00
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Global Shipping

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Business days
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Economy 3 - 7 depending on weight
Priority 1 - 4 depending on weight

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Reorders Are Easy

We keep your designs on file indefinitely, so you can place reorders at any time. Reorders of small quantities are less expensive than initial orders.

Cumulation System
Different product features, for example Race Pad, Endurance Pad can be cumulated, when ordering at least 5 of each variation. When ordering 15 of one variation and 5 from another variation of the same product, you will receive the unit price for 20 items. For the unit prices to cumulate, you must order at least 5 of each variation.
Additionally: The shorter Men's Bib Shorts CP6 Pro can be cumulated with the shorter Women's Shorts CP6w Pro.

All texts and logos included in base price
Our prices include free choice of design, colour, texts and logos – with no hidden costs. This clear cut pricing allows you to easily calculate the cost, despite having multiple inscriptions.

No minimum order quantity
owayo also manufactures single orders, complete with your logos, designs and colours. Small orders do have high fixed costs, yet are still possible for just one item.

Express Production
Standard production is approximately 5 weeks. A faster turnaround may also be available for an additional surcharge. Please ask to find out about our current express production capacity.

Payment Methods
When placing an order, we only accept full payment in advance either via BACS, Credit Card or cheque (for UK customers only).

Club and School Rewards Programme
The Club and School Rewards Programme allows registered clubs discounts of up to 20% - without any obligations. Read more about the Club and School Rewards Programme.

Finding the Right Size

We strongly recommend you order samples before ordering to find the size that best fits you. If you do not have enough time to do so, you can use our size chart to find your size.


Cycling Shorts CP6w Comp LadiesCycling - Cycling Shorts CP6w Comp Ladies

owayo size S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10
owayo Sport-Cut shorts comparison XS S M L XL XXL
International size XS XS S M L XL
Seat circumference (B) in cm 82-86 86-90 90-94 94-98 98-102 102-106 106-112 112-118 118-124 124-130
Seat circumference (B) in inches 32¼ - 33¾'' 33¾ - 35½'' 35½ - 37'' 37 - 38½'' 38½ - 40¼'' 40¼ - 41¾'' 41¾ - 44'' 44 - 46½'' 46½ - 48¾'' 48¾-51¼''

Find your owayo size by comparing your measurements to our size chart. This chart also includes international standard letter sizes for reference.

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Measure carefully!

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Hip and Buttocks Measurement (B)

Measure around the widest part of your hips and buttocks. Stand with your feet hip-width distance apart and be sure that the tape measure is straight, parallel with the floor and not pulled too tightly.

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